Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

1. Create a list of “your songs”
If you have a set of songs you want played at your reception be sure to provide the list to the DJ several weeks ahead of the wedding. While most DJ’s have a wide variety of music readily available, you don’t want to miss your favorite song because it was communicated late. Your list should also include: the couple’s first dance, mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, wedding party dance, dollar dance (if you choose to have one), and any other specifics. Chicken dance? Electric slide? You can also tell a DJ NOT to play something!


2. Create an event schedule…and backup plan
Most brides and grooms will have a general idea of how they want their reception to flow. By putting an actual plan on paper you can help to guarantee everything goes the way you have been imagining. Include times, people involved, etc. It is also helpful to provide a basic script so your DJ knows who each person is in the wedding party and the names of everyone involved. Once you have a plan it can be much easier to relax knowing that things will go as planned…unless it doesn’t. A backup plan is always important! Especially for outdoor or destination weddings!


3. Ask if your DJ can provide labor
The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is hang twinkle lights and move tables. Ask your DJ if they have the ability to provide a few extra people to help with set up. For an affordable fee (plus the added peace of mind!) you can have it all done for you! Create a plan during your pre-wedding event space walk through.


4. Have a pre-wedding event space walk through!
While your DJ might have had events at your event space before, it doesn’t change the need for a walk through. This is YOUR special day and it should be set up exactly how you have dreamed. Take the time to review the floor plan, arrange for seating, food tables, cake table, etc. Where will the DJ set up? Do you need any additional lighting? Your DJ should provide a lot of feedback during this meeting space walk through!


5. Use your DJ’s knowledge…especially if you don’t have a wedding planner!
Your DJ can be your greatest resource—they have been there and done that! Ask them for advice on venues, timelines, set up, design, etc. Showpro Audio is proud to offer help with a full scope of wedding needs—DJ service, pipe and drape, lighting design, video, and labor. When researching your DJ options ask lots of questions and check out their background. Ask for references! Your DJ can turn out to be the most important decision you make!