Weddings – 10 Things you’ll talk to your wedding DJ about.

Weddings – 10 Things you’ll talk to your wedding DJ about.

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Want a DJ playing music at your wedding reception, to set the tone and help you celebrate with family and friends? Consider these 10 things your DJ should know.

The wedding reception is a time for the bride and groom to celebrate with friends and family. Music can set the tone for a reception to remember.

When choosing a DJ entertainment company for the wedding reception music, you’ll be meeting with operators who will need to know a lot about you and the kind of reception you want. Here are some of the questions you’ll be asked:

1. What do you like?
What are your expectations? Your likes and dislikes? When talking to a wedding DJ, describe the kind of reception you have in mind, and what sort of music you want

2. The ceremony
If you are getting married at the reception site, is there special music you will want for the wedding ceremony?

3. Cocktail hour?
Are you having a cocktail hour? Will it be in the same room as the reception, and will you need music?

4. That first dance
What song will you use for your first wedding dance?

5. Bridal party introductions
Do you want friends and family to gather around the dance floor for the introductions? Will the bridal party be joining you on the dance floor?

6. What’s your style?
Would you like the wedding DJ to play a variety of styles of music throughout the party or emphasize a certain genre? What music or songs would you NOT like played during your reception?

7. Taking requests
How closely would you like the wedding DJ to follow your song list? Do you want the DJ to play the guests’ musical requests?

8. Dance all night?
How involved do you want to be when it comes to dancing and crowd participation? Will you want special effects such as a fog machine, bubble machine or laser light show?

9. Traditions
Cake-cutting, bouquet and garter toss: Will you have any of these, and will you want music? Are there any family traditions?

10. End of the party
Finally, how would you like the party to end — on a high note, or with a romantic ballad?

The final decision is yours — hop on a bus and party on, or wonder off into the night, just the two of you.

By thinking about the kind of wedding reception you want, you’ll be able to give the DJ the information needed to help create a fun and memorable event.